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Our Story

Gold Coast Homme Office design

Homme Interiors was founded in 2005 by Creative Director Jon Slade.


Originally Homme was formed with its core focus on property styling and management. Since then Homme has evolved now offering a range of design, contracting, manufacturing and furniture solutions to meet the desires of their clients, both functionally and aesthetically.


Whether you are considering a new project for your home or business, refurbishment or a change in furniture and decor, a team of designers will work closely with you to define, develop and create an atmosphere that fosters your needs and enhances your space.


Since Homme's launch in 2005, the management style has remained hands-on, with every project closely overseen. Renowned for exceptional service, driven by a thorough awareness of our clients’ needs, and maintained through continuous communication and attention to detail.  Homme’s’ flexible approach and understanding for their clients privacies extends throughout every project.


As Homme guides you through the planning, design and space solutions, they never impose a signature look unless specifically asked to do so.  Homme's overriding aim is to create an environment that meets and exceeds your visual and functional requirements.

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